A few final lies from Barry & the bigotry of low expectations.

Yesterday ex-President Barry lied and stated that the United States is the only “advanced democracy” (whatever the fuck that means) that makes it “hard to vote”, implying that it’s racist and mean to require an id to vote (in some areas).

It doesn’t really matter if he’s lying because his constituents will believe anything he says.  This has happened time and time again, no reason to change now with the clock about to run out.

But there’s the pile of bullshit that comes out of Barry’s mouth and then there’s reality.  Reality in this case is that “advanced democracies” universally require a photo id to vote.  The UK requires a photo id to vote.  Canada requires voters to show picture id.  Fucking Mexico requires a voter to present a “Credencial para Votar” which not only has a photo, but also a hologram and other anti-tampering text.

The United States is actually in a tiny minority of Western democracies and republics that don’t require a photo id to vote.

Aside from the rampant voter fraud that’s caused by this policy, what bothers me the most is what the Democrat’s insistence on a “good faith” voter system is the message that’s sent to minorities.  The Democrats are saying “We think so little of you that we don’t think you’re capable of obtaining a state id or driver’s license”.

The problem is that if ID was required to vote in every state, election outcomes would be dramatically different and the Democrats really, really don’t want that and the Republicans don’t either.