I haven’t talked much about Pizzagate, if at all on this blog although I’ve followed it intensely.  As to why I haven’t covered it… well, the reasons are complicated but the biggest reason is my reaction to the story:


Pedophilia among Western elites has been a scourge for decades and is distinctly bi-partisan.  But Ben Swann, a reporter for multiple outlets, including CBS tackled it and tackled it well:

In 1994, the Discovery channel produced a documentary called “Conspiracy of Silence”.  The documentary revolves around the Franklin Credit Union scandal and the pedophile prostitution ring that was spawned by it.  “Conspiracy of Silence” represents the most conclusive collection of evidence that utterly corrupt, sick and powerful individuals were involved in a secret ring that revolved around drugs, blackmail and transporting child prostitutes all around the country to be abused by wealthy and powerful pedophiles.   While the film doesn’t accuse them explicitly, the evidence points strongly at the Bush Administration (including George Bush Sr. himself) being directly involved in this ring.

The documentary was never aired despite the fact that Discovery spent $500,000 to make it.  It was inexplicably pulled due to rumored pressure from multiple politicians.

So when there’s numerous pedophile code words (as documented by the FBI) scattered all over the John Podesta emails along with an enormous amount of indirect evidence linking James Alefantis, owner of Comet Pizza/Comet Ping Pong and others to a child sex ring, I can’t help by shrug my shoulders.  Andrew Breitbart knew five years ago what John Podesta was up to.  So if you’ve dismissed Pizzagate because the New York Times told you to, I would suggest you stop listening/reading fake news.

Now, to clarify, my tepid response to this topic is not because I’m not utterly disgusted (I am).  It’s because without a whistleblower with a solid set of evidence (like the 650k emails off of Huma’s laptop), nothing will ever likely happen.  The people that read this blog are not “average” Americans.  But the problem is that “average” Americans have been programmed into believing that things like this don’t happen and they’re in a state of dismissal before you even show them the evidence.  There have been numerous politicians implicated or convicted of pedophilia in the United States and the UK in the last 20 years.  But Americans have disturbingly short memories.

There are other problems as well.  A whistleblower who has evidence may hesitate since there are numerous politicians from both parties in Washington D.C. that engage in pedophilia with even more blackmailed and controlled after being caught in the net of a CIA Brown Stone operation.  The release of proof could potentially cause a crisis of confidence in the entire government with destabilization to follow.  The other issue is the health of the accusers.  People have been murdered over this kind of information, unsurprisingly.

So if you’re dismissed #PizzaGate as nonsense, you really ought to investigate it.  This is a good place to start.

One last item:  Thankfully, some good souls have continued to post “Conspiracy of Silence” to youtube.  You can watch it  below.  I heartily suggest you do: