Project Veritas saves the day again in discovering a well-funded leftist group planning to create and release butyric acid bombs at an inauguration ball for activists that helped Trump get elected.

A month ago one of the key pro-Trump social media personalities, Mike Cernovich, proposed a celebratory ball near the inauguration for the people that busted their collective ass online to spread truth and refute lies.  Cernovich went so far as to write a book.  In addition, he and others organized the “Deploraball”, the name being a portmanteau of “ball” and that catchy word Hillary used to describe us that ironically helped sink her campaign.

The inauguration is a celebratory event for those of us who know our history.  The peaceful transfer of partisan power is a rarity in human history.  Given what was at stake with this election, it was especially meaningful for many of us that Trump won despite overwhelming odds.  A celebration is truly in order.  But the Left won’t even let us have that.

What the Liberals in this country refuse to understand is that conservatives, libertarians and Republicans had nuanced and reasoned objections to the Obama Presidency.  The man had openly weaponized the federal government against those who disagreed with her and when Obama “won” in 2012, it was absolutely devastating to many of us.  And yet, there was never any mention of inciting violence or distractions of any kind at the inauguration.  To do so would have been unthinkable.

But no bar is too low for the American Left to limbo under:

New O’Keefe Video: Leftists Planning Stink Bombs at ‘Deploraball’ – Breitbart

The leftists captured on film were allegedly targeting the Deploraball, a grass-roots event being held on Thursday at the National Press Club “to celebrate and honor … the passionate citizens who worked social media, knocked on doors, and endured harassement to support” Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign.

On Friday, several news outlets reported that a group of left-wing activists from the “D.C. Anti-Fascist Coalition,” part of a broader effort called “#DisruptJ20” (for January 20th, the date of the inauguration) had been captured on tape discussing plans to crash the Deplorable, disrupt the parade at the inauguration, and target specific individuals.

Now, Project Veritas reveals just how the left-wing #DisruptJ20 activists may have been prepared to go. According to the video, they allegedly planned to place explosive “stink bomb” devices at the party and, if those failed, to trigger the fire sprinkler system, forcing attendees to evacuate outside in cold weather conditions.

One activist is also heard on the video to threaten the city government of Washington, D.C., and the police:


The message has to be, we do not recognize the city government either. If you try to close us down we will look for your house, we will burn it. We will physically fight the police if they try to steal one of our places. We will go to war and you will lose.