“Blacklist”, “Enemies list” and other scary words and phrases…

‘Never Trump’ national-security Republicans fear they have been blacklisted – Washington Post (Fake News)

You’ve likely heard the phrases “Shadow Government” and “Deep State” used around here and on some other savvy media outlets.  The two phrases are essentially interchangeable and equally nebulous.  Essentially, they are the people with the real control over our government and other governments year after year as elected officials come and go.  Some elements of the Deep State/SG are more visible than others with the leadership of the intelligence agencies being the most apparent.  These are the people, almost exclusively white, straight males that exert influence year after year regardless of who is in office.

What they don’t want you to know is that these people are also one of the primary controllers in selecting a President.  The agencies have their own agendas and they have the power to make sure that whomever sits in the Oval Office is amenable to those agendas.

Nine weeks ago and for the first time in the CIA’s existence, they failed in this endeavor.  So when Trump’s team is reluctant to involve members of the Deep State that have openly been part of the “NeverTrump” clique, you can probably understand why.

Of course the thrust of the article above is simply:  Trump’s and his team are dismissing hundreds of years of cumulative experience for the most petty of reasons.  Never mind the fact that Trump has consistently reached out to “NeverTrump” politicians.  That’s a bit too nuanced for your average WashPo reader.

But not reaching out to the “NeverTrump” members of the deep state, regardless of the optics, is the prudent thing to do.  We’re 4 days away from the inauguration and trust me, we’re not out of the woods yet, folks.