The Deep State is worried..

This article is one of the big reasons why we saw an enormous, coordinated assault on Trump before the election and why we continue to see that assault now.

Top CFR Globalist Warns UN Will Get “Hammered” by Trump – New American

Amid escalating outrage surrounding the scandal-plagued United Nations, globalists seem to be in a panic about the fate of their beloved international organization under the incoming administration. Indeed, a high-ranking globalist with the global government-promoting Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), a chief promoter of the UN “dictators club” for generations, whined last week that the widely ridiculed global body was going to be “hammered” by President-elect Donald Trump and the GOP-controlled Congress.

All of the developments have senior globalists and establishment types in a tizzy. “Among the many foreign policy uncertainties created by Donald Trump’s election, there is one prediction we can take to the bank: The United Nations is going to get hammered,” complained Stewart Patrick, the CFR’s “director of International Institutions and Global Governance,” in a column last week headlined Future US Relationship With UN in Doubt. “An unapologetic nationalist is bound for the White House, Republicans are in control of both houses of Congress — and the world body is in their crosshairs.”

Like the CFR as a whole, Patrick is an unapologetic advocate of “global governance” and further empowering the infamous dictators club to make policy for humanity. Indeed, Patrick is so extreme in his globalist fanaticism that he managed to exploit even the rape of children by UN “peacekeeping” troops as an argument for handing the UN vast new powers. Seriously. Essentially, he argued that to stop UN troops from raping children all over the world, the UN should establish its own planetary judicial system with the power to prosecute even U.S. troops.

Now, ahead of the Trump presidency, the CFR globalist and his cohorts appear to be concerned that the UN is heading for tough times at best — and possibly the dustbin of history. In his latest screed, published by CNN, an establishment propaganda organ often ridiculed as the “Clinton News Network” or even the “Communist News Network,” Patrick absurdly tried to paint the dictator-dominated, anti-freedom UN as a “vehicle” to “advance” the “agenda” of “the United States,” by which he means the globalist agenda of the CFR.  

Read the whole thing.  This is an article that’s well worth your time.