Paul Ryan is a miserable piece of shit.

Paul Ryan says GOP will defund Planned Parenthood along with Obamacare – AOL

Congressional Republicans are moving forward with their plans to defund Obamacare — and also Planned Parenthood, according to House Speaker Paul Ryan.
When asked about his plans to defund Planned Parenthood, Ryan told reporters, “Planned Parenthood legislation would be in our reconciliation bill.”
Government funding accounts for about 40 percent of Planned Parenthood’s budget. Most of that money comes from patients covered by Medicaid.
Ryan and other Republicans want to ax that funding. And they could do so by attaching language to the budget reconciliation bill Congress plans to use to defund Obamacare.
Paul Ryan is a lazy moron who has never worked a day in his life at a real job, but I refuse to believe that he’s this stupid.  Treachery seems like a far more likely scenario here than stupidity.  By adding a provision to defund Planned Parenthood in this bill, every Liberal and moderate in the country that realizes Obamacare has been an epic disaster is now going to lose their damn minds over what should have been a simple process with only token resistance from Democrats.
Now the Republicans will be viewed as tyrants and you can bet the Democrats are all ready to bust out the old “war on women” catch phrase.  Unless information surfaces to the contrary, this looks like an attempt on the part of the Republican leadership to intentionally poison their own brand to impede Trump’s progress as President.
And just to be clear, my own personal view is one of pro-choice.  I have very specific, pragmatic reasons for that view.  However, I also believe that if you’re going to get an abortion, you should have to pay for it and you certainly shouldn’t be forcing pro-life Americans to pay for your abortion.  And before everyone starts up with the “But but but but but planned parenthood does far more than just abortions!  They provide reproductive medical care for thousands of women every year blah blah blah fucking blah.”  Yes, I know.  But if that’s all they did, nobody would be concerned about Planned Parenthood.
So bottom line, no I wouldn’t mind seeing Planned Parenthood defunded.  I don’t think tax dollars should be spent on abortions.  I’m fine with tax dollars being spent on women’s health, especially for low income women.  But that money should come from the State coffers, not the federal government.
Digression aside, watch this story carefully.  There’s bound to be sparks between Trump and the GOP over this.