Somehow we survived it..

President Shithead is finally leaving:

Moving truck spotted outside White House – Washington Times

I’m struck by the utter lack of… intellectual empathy for lack of a better term, of the Left in this country.  They’re having an absolute meltdown over a man in Donald Trump who is quite left-wing in his own right.  Assassination threats, videos by movie stars urging Congress to block Trump’s agenda (despite the fact that they don’t know what that agenda is), the tears and the weeping, the #notmypresident bullshit..  They’re so intellectually isolated that they never stop to think for even the briefest moment that Barack Obama literally weaponized the federal government to go after libertarians and conservatives.   This “man” trampled over the Constitution with frightening regularity and offended anyone with a historical understanding of what a Republic needs (and what it doesn’t need) to survive.  While I’ve bad mouthed him plenty, never once did I say anything along the lines of #notmypresident nor did I ever or would ever condone violence against him and there was very, very little of that nonsense anywhere in the conservative/libertarian blogsphere.

I have to confess, I still struggle with the “deprogram a Hillary-bot/NeverTrumper” goal that I’ve been talking about since the election.  There are times where I want to just say “fuck it… we’re going to ignore them and then crush them to get our agenda through.”  That sounds pretty horrible and awfully “Liberal”.  Although every time I start to feel bad about thinking that way, I remind myself that when you’re “crushed” by the people supporting Trump, your reward is greater liberty and a better job.  We won’t tolerate the Federal Government going after Liberals even when the man we support is in charge of it.

I guess that’s one of the big differences between us and them.