Can we kick Wisconsin out of the Union?

Apologies to any of you Wisconsin residents reading this.  If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’re far too intelligent to be living there.

I have a number of reasons for this request but one rose to the surface today, specifically a man who is one of my least favorite politicians.  Globalist golden boy (and part-time Breck Girl) Paul Ryan is still holding fast to the Obama/CIA lie that the Russians have hacked us into the stone age:

Paul Ryan Blasts Assange As A “Sycophant For Russia”; Says Trump Needs To Be “Better Informed” – ZeroHedge

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan on Wednesday called WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange a “sycophant for Russia,” as Mr. Assange reiterated this week that Russia was not the source for internal communications from Democratic officials during the presidential campaign.
Mr. Ryan told radio host Hugh Hewitt that he really has no opinion on Mr. Assange, “other than I think the guy is a sycophant for Russia.”
“He leaks. He steals data and compromises national security,” said Mr. Ryan, Wisconsin Republican.

This treasonous dipshit makes Ted Cruz look huggable.  The only positive is that for people who have broken free of the matrix, absurd comments like this out of Ryan makes it very clear that he is owned and not to be trusted on anything.