A brilliant mind is leaving the public forum..

…Thomas Sowell.  At 86 years of age, he is retiring but I’m hoping like hell that he keeps writing.  He’s a man of significant national stature, but never achieved the visibility he deserved because (in my opinion) he’s a conservative African-American.  That simply will not do.  Fake News Networks like MSNBC or CNN or ABC often have a token conservative or faux-conservative pundit on their programming, but we absolutely cannot have a brilliant African-American conservative on air because by God, the rest of them might start thinking that way too.

I’ll get off the soap box.

His final column is here.

He’s also a great photographer.  Very Frank Lloyd Wright-esque.

Farewell, Dr. Sowell.  May your retirement be long, happy and healthy.  You’ve more than earned it.