A sign of things to come…

Obama to huddle with Hill Democrats on saving Obamacare – Politico

President Barack Obama will head to Capitol Hill Wednesday to meet with congressional Democrats about how to shield Obamacare from Republican efforts to dismantle it, a Capitol Hill source told POLITICO.

The meeting is at 9 a.m. in the Congressional Visitors Center auditorium and is for both House and Senate Democrats, according to a notice sent to members Friday morning.

With Republican vowing to begin repealing Obamacare almost immediately when the 115th Congress convenes next week, Democratic lawmakers are immersed in strategy sessions on how to protect the nearly seven-year-old health care law.
A friend informed me of two closely related items to this story:

1. This meeting is only partly related to defending Obamacare from Trump.  The meeting is a general strategy discussion to create gridlock for the next four years.

2. This is the big one.  Expect more meetings like this (albeit less reported) between Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats after January 20th.  Presidents ride off into the sunset when they complete their two terms and most of them shy away from criticizing their successor.  Do not expect either from Barack Obama.   I was told that Obama will stay in D.C. once he leaves office indefinitely.  The excuse being used is so that Sasha and Malia can finish high school without switching schools, but the real reason is to establish some sort of political entity/foundation/committee.  I do not have any details yet beyond the primary goal of the organization will be to stymie the Trump administration.  This is of course, completely without precedent.  But we’ve seen plenty of events that fit into that category over the past eight years so I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised.