Well that seems very productive..

Representative Maxine Waters refuses to meet with Trump to find common ground on policies – MSNBC

Maxine actually says about her own party: “When we’re in power, we’re nice.  We bend over backwards to work with people.”  (She thinks that’s a problem by the way).  She’s mastered the Obama technique here perfectly:  Look the camera right in the eye and tell the biggest whopper of a lie that you can as convincingly as you can.  Your constituents are mentally enslaved robots who will never question an absurd statement like this and as a bonus, it pokes a sharp stick at the people who are paying attention that know the truth.

Good luck with this approach, Maxine.   Just watch, if a sizeable portion of the Democrats get on board with her plan, they will use the oft-repeated lie that “the Republicans in Congress have spent eight years creating gridlock to stop Barack Obama’s agenda”, so it’s only fair that that they’re doing the same thing now.