Trump’s use of Twitter will be ‘really exciting part’ of his presidency, Spicer says…

…and I would argue that it will be an essential one.

You can read the story here on fake news site, Politico.

Or you can stay here and learn why Trump will continue using Twitter and why it’s essential that he continue to do so, although I’m sure that many of you already understand why.

The key element is the utterly unique dynamic at play.  A non-puppet President at a time when the American Republic has been almost dismantled.  The Fake News Media is in lock step the social media corporations who are in lockstep with the Democrat and NeoCon politicians.  All of them coordinated to neutralize the Trump Presidency.   Part of the effort to neutralize Trump’s agenda is the manner in which he is covered by the FNM.   His words will be chopped up, parsed, re-interpreted.  Video of him will be cut, edited and key elements will come to reside on the cutting room floor of fake news agencies.  Just like during the campaign.

In Congress, the resistance from Democrats is expected despite Trump being less conservative than any past Republican President in the modern era.  That resistance will also be relatively easy to deal with in a straight forward manner.  It will be the usual fear-mongering, ad hominem attacks, outright lies and shallow analysis.  But Republican resistance is another story.  While the Republican, Libertarian and Independent voters are considerably better informed on average than Democrats, many of them still don’t understand how committed many Republican politicians are to seeing the same Globalist agenda play out that the Democrat party has been pushing.  These men, the Paul Ryan’s, the Mitch McConnell’s, the John McCain’s…  These men have seniority, they have powerful committees, two of them have leadership positions and they have well-intentioned but misplaced loyalty from the many well-meaning Republican voters who still do not understand that these men have many priorities above Liberty and the well-being of the American people.

And that is where direct communication to the voters via Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and live streamed talks comes in.  Trump will take his message directly to Americans, unfiltered as often as possible to gather the support needed to pressure the Republican scum in Congress to do what’s right instead of doing what they’ve been paid to do by their owners.   Expect direct appeals to the voters to call their congressman and senators to support his agenda items.

When someone keeps twisting your words and talking shit about you around town, you stop talking to them.  Trump is going to stop talking to the Fake News Media (FNM) and it’s going to drive them absolutely batshit crazy.