The “other” glass ceiling is even harder to break through..

Kellyanne Conway is a spectacularly accomplished woman.  She started her own business (a polling company) in 1995, became a regular on news networks as a conservative pundit, worked for numerous high profile federal campaigns in high positions, directed demographic survey projects for Fortune 500 companies and perhaps most importantly, took over as the chief campaign manager for Donald Trump on August 17th of this year.

I’m sure everyone recalls how that campaign went.

This past week she was awarded the position of “Counselor to the President”.

Did I mention that Kellyanne is the first woman to ever run a successful Presidential campaign?

One might be tempted to ask  “In the age of female-empowerment, girls girls girls rah rah rah, why isn’t Kellyanne on the cover of every women’s magazine and news journal in the country for being an unprecedentedly successful woman?

Because modern feminism is a lie of the worst kind.  It’s the kind of lie that promises to inspire but restricts and brain-washes instead.  Feminism was supposed to be about women doing what they want with their lives, even if their desires conflicted with cultural expectations of what a woman should be.  An admirable thing in my opinion.

But then we found out that a woman couldn’t be a stay at home mom and be a feminist, even if being a stay at home mom was what a woman truly wanted.

Then we found out that being a feminist wasn’t so much about chasing dreams as it was about proving that women could do anything men can do, even if that meant ignoring instead of celebrating the differences between women and men.

Now we find out that you can be a powerful, successful woman who chases her deepest desires and aspirations, but you’re not a role-model, not a feminist if you don’t ascribe to the correct brand of politics.