It’s getting so out of hand that I have to talk about it…

I haven’t touched on the fake hate crimes on this blog but this is getting out of hand and we need as many people aware of it as possible.

Remember that black church that was burnt down before the election where the arsonist spray painted “Vote Trump” on the side?

The Media decried it as an example of how awful, racist and deplorable those darn Trump supporters are.  After the fact, it was discovered to be a fake hate crime by one of the parishioners.

Here’s the newest one:

White husband confesses to wife to setting their cars on fire and painting racial slur on their garage door in staged ‘hate crime’

They’ve become so numerous that journalists in the real news have begun chronicling the insanity:

Astonishing number of fake hate crimes since Trump election – American Thinker

5 Recent Anti-Trump “Hate Crime Hoaxes” that the Media Spread – Danger and Play

American Renaissance’s Post Trump Hate Crime Hoaxes Archive

And, an entire website dedicated to tracking the post Trump hoax hate crime fad:

Who would have thought that a man whose politics resembles that of a centrist Democrat would cause one third of the country to lose their goddamned minds?