Veritas thanks Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO) for his Censorship….

…and an important lesson.

First, the deliciously snarky “thank you” video from Project Veritas to fascist shit-bag, Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter:

And this brings up an important topic about the social media companies and censorship of conservative, libertarian or any opinion that the Federal Government doesn’t want you sharing.  Namely, don’t cut and run.  Some very prominent people have reacted to the disgusting levels of censorship on Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Facebook and Google by leaving.  Sometimes they’re leaving for greener pastures like, a Twitter competitor that forbids any kind of censorship.  But sometimes they’re just…leaving.

Please don’t.

When you leave in protest, you’re doing exactly what those social media companies want you to do.  Your voice is now silenced.  Yes, you can try to re-establish that voice somewhere else, but it may or may not be as loud and may or may not be getting to the right people.  Using Twitter as an example, if they continue to censor, their company will die.  They will become the new Myspace and will become the new Facebook.  This would be wonderful and eventually, this will most likely happen.  But until then, post on both if you have something important to say.  If Twitter censors you or bans you, create three new accounts for every one that they close.  Fuck ’em.  They’ve got far too many users to track all of them and as you saw with the case of Project Veritas, the fact that they kept going in defiance of the censorship greatly aided their cause.

People know right from wrong.  A lot of them suppress that sense, some of them for a long time (I’m looking at you, Hillary voters), but most people know wrong when they see it.  More importantly, they know that if someone is being silenced, it probably means they’ve got something important to say.