A sigh of relief…

Donald Trump has officially been elected to the Presidency by the Electoral College.


I almost didn’t post this tonight.  I almost didn’t think to post it, due to being so focused on the attacks to this President-Elect, the future attacks and all the work that must be done.

I’m fortunate to have slightly more access to the comings and goings of Washington D.C. than the average American.  It’s a fascinating world and I hope I never lose that little bit of access, but it’s also incredibly frustrating at times and on rare occasion, very sad.  Tonight is the latter.

Trump’s opponents and even many of the people that voted for him will likely never know the horrible fate that almost befell this country and her people.  We haven’t had a real President in many, many years and our country has suffered for it, but it’s been the last 16 years where the pace of decline via corruption at the behest of  evil has really accelerated.  That pace increased dramatically the past eight years and even in the final months before the election some maneuvers were made behind the scenes that would have made it almost impossible for even a fully awake populace to fix.

But at the 11th hour, we avoided catastrophe.  An imperfect but independent man came along whose soul belonged to him and no one else.  A man who could have lived the good life for the rest of his years but chose to put himself and his family in the crosshairs for the sake of this country.  The first independent President since Andrew Jackson at the time when we needed him the most.  And despite the Fake News Media, the lies, the election fraud, we managed to make him President.  We would have lost this Republic had this not happened.  We still might, but now there’s at least a chance.

But many Americans do not understand this of course.  I’m reminded of a good line in a bad film from a scene where a Republic fell:  “So this is how liberty dies… with thunderous applause.”  But tonight the inverse comes to mind:  “So this is how liberty is resurrected… to thunderous boos.”

If the Trump-haters only knew.  They’ll likely never know because they refuse to know.  But some of us do know, and we’re very, very thankful.