Democrats on the Brink – The American Left is in danger of learning precisely the wrong lesson from defeat – The Economist

I don’t agree with many of the positions taken in this article, but the general theme is spot on.  The Left has learned nothing from this defeat so far.  The fact that millions of votes were shifted from Trump to Hillary via election fraud is further hindering the Left from learning something from November 8th.  If they knew what a landslide it was for Trump in the popular vote, they may not have a choice in taking a serious self-accounting of their message and the systemic corruption in the party and DNC.

But they believe it was close.  So they just need to “tweak” a few things, right?  This ignores the massive State-level losses over the past 8 years as Barack Obama and the DNC have dragged Democrats to the far left.  But Democrats are good at ignoring things, especially in light of the systemic corruption in the Executive Branch over the past 8 years.

I would never predict a 2nd term for Trump due to the unique circumstances.  A President who is not a puppet will be under attack from every conceivable angle over the next four years.  I expect at least one impeachment attempt, phony scandals and potentially something far worse.  Especially if Trump threatens to gut the CIA.   But if not for the extraordinary circumstances, I would say a 2nd term for Trump is assured.  Democrats will learn nothing from this and most likely double down on extremism, corruption, identity politics and hatred towards anyone with a differing opinion.  They certainly are taking that route so far.

The ironic thing is that I can’t think of any group more deserving of Donald Trump than Democrats.  You people stood by while Hillary Clinton and the DNC stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders.  The majority of you did nothing other than bury your heads in the sand and convince yourself that Hillary Clinton (of all people) was somehow a lesser evil than Donald Trump.

So fuck you people.  Enjoy the next eight years while we fix all the shit you broke.