Watching the Fake News Media destroy itself..

This is not satire… seriously, it’s not:


So, when you’re done laughing, I ask that you do a bit of thinking.  There’s two possible reasons for this Tweet by Salon:

  1. They’re so stupid, that they don’t realize that Donald Trump is not President yet and has absolutely no say or power over the U.S. Military.
  2. They are deliberately lying in an attempt to stir up the most ignorant portion of the #NeverTrump wing of the Democrat party (which admittedly is probably most of it).

#1 seems pretty unlikely.  As stupid as the journalists are at Salon, they’re not this stupid.   So safe to say the reason is #2 which makes for a useful object lesson because #2 is what’s happening on a grand scale right now within the entire FNM, the White House and members of the Uniparty (All of the Democrats and the Neoconservative wing of the Republicans).

Even the most mind-controlled Democrat can see the lesson here.  Perhaps this ridiculous tweet can be made into something useful.