CIA officials REFUSE to brief Congress on the truth about Russian hacking claims – Daily Mail

Members of the House Intelligence Committee are fuming that the CIA is refusing to provide an immediate briefing on Russian interference in the U.S. elections, after media reports that the intent of hacking was to boost President-elect Donald Trump’s chances.

The panel had hoped to hold a briefing with the CIA Thursday, although the agency is declining to participate, prompting  panel member Rep. Peter King of Long Island to suggest U.S. intelligence could be perpetuating a ‘disinformation campaign’ designed to undermine Trump as he prepares to take office.

The infighting is coming out into the open amid reports of hardening conclusions about Russian government motives and chain of command – with NBC reporting Wednesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin was ‘personally involved’ in the covert campaign to interfere with the elections through hacks of the Democratic National Committee and other political figures.

It all comes down the stakes involved with having an independent, uncorrupted President.  Trillions of dollars of illegal and unconstitutional activities involving government, banks and corporations will come to an end with Trump (or any non-puppet President).  This wouldn’t be happening if Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Mitt Romney, John McCain or any other members of the Republican wing of the Uniparty.

The CIA is required to brief Congress when asked.  Especially on something as critical as the supposed hacking of an election.  But they are declining to do so.  The CIA is actively reaching out to Republican members of the Electoral College whose states do not mandate that they vote for Donald Trump in an effort to coerce a change of vote.  They are also working on plans to deal with the fallout if they are successful.

I’ve heard some sensible commentators put the chances of this coup working at anywhere from 1% to 5%.  I couldn’t say what the correct percentage is, but it’s higher than 5%.  That’s the kind of danger we are in here right now.   This is a last, desperate attempt to maintain the corruption before they lose all ability to do so.  Do not underestimate them.

This is a coup by the CIA, on the direction of Barack Obama on the direction of his handlers.  Period.

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Megan Kelly, ever loyal to the Uniparty pushes back on King and sadly, King does back down after Kelly throws out the old “CIA agents are risking their lives every day, sir” bullshit.  Any sensible fucking person understands that the CIA isn’t a collection of Storm Troopers top to bottom.  The rank and file aren’t the problem.  Yes, there are many good men and women who work for the agency.  This is about the CIA leadership.  Our last head of the CIA was James Clapper, a man who perjured himself repeatedly to Congress and the American people.  John O Brennan, a man who admittedly voted for the Communist Party candidate in the 1980 Presidential election, is the man who replaced him.  These people have their own agenda and will not tolerate someone who can take that power away from them.  Expect to see a lot more events in the future that you’ve never seen before.