*big sigh* It’s not… the goddamn… Russians..

BREAKING: Julian Assange speaks to Hannity: “OUR SOURCE IS NOT RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT” – Gateway Pundit

WikiLeaks Operative: Clinton campaign emails came from “inside leaks,” not Russian hackers – Washington Times

What’s so amusing in all this is that the people who are allowing themselves to get roped in by the whole “Boris and Natasha hacked the election” nonsense is that  all of the information we received from WikiLeaks was real.  The country was fortunate enough to see real information about how the Clinton Campaign and the DNC operates.  We saw that the DNC/Clinton machine stole the primary from Bernie Sanders.  We saw evidence of “pay to play” during Hillary’s time in the State department.  We saw evidence of her serious health issues.  We got to see how the sausage is made and it was not pretty.

Anyone who avoided the WikiLeaks information (which was the real news in this election) is an ignorant twat.

Anyone who read it and still voted for Hillary is an evil piece of shit.

So stop complaining about people seeing the truth and voting accordingly.