Amidst all the noise and lies…

…let’s not forget to savor the early (and many) successes of our new President:

IBM to hire 25,000 more workers in the US in the next four years and invest $1billion in employee development, tech boss vows ahead of Trump meeting – UK Daily Mail

Trump Lands Huge Deal with Japanese Company, $50 Billion Investment and 50,000 More Jobs for Americans – Townhall

Trump is a brilliant businessman.  Even his detractors agree on this.  But the two stories above as well as the Carrier deal aren’t happening because of that brilliance.  It’s happening because for the first time in decades, we have a President that’s genuinely committed to improving the lives of the citizens he’s governing.  He actually cares about helping Americans and it is a priority for him.

We’ve naively taken for granted that our previous Presidents have also embodied these principles and they just varied in their ability to act on them.

That’s not the case. 

Watch Trump’s first year carefully.  There will be treachery at every turn, from the Democrats, the Republicans and the Fake News Media.  They will attack and attempt to stymy this President like you have never seen.  But I’m willing to bet that Trump will get more done in his 1st year in terms of actually fixing problems and improving quality of life for citizens than we saw out of Barry Obama in eight years.

Part of the reason will be because of Trump’s elite skills as a businessman.  Part of it will be because he has appointed people that actually do things instead of the useless policy wonks that populate Washington D.C.  But by far the biggest “part” will be that he actually gives a damn.