US Spy Chiefs not Sold on CIA Assessment of Russian Hacking – The Hill

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) has not endorsed a CIA assessment that concluded Russia intervened in the U.S. presidential race to help Donald Trump win the presidency, Reuters reported.

The ODNI, which oversees the 17 agency-strong U.S. intelligence community, believes there is not conclusive evidence Russia was looking to help Trump, three American officials told Reuters. 

“ODNI is not arguing that the agency (CIA) is wrong, only that they can’t prove intent,” said one of the three U.S. officials.

“Of course they can’t, absent agents in on the decision-making in Moscow.”

The officials told Reuters the FBI declined to accept the CIA assessment for the same reasons.

But here’s the big paragraph, folks:

One of the officials said the CIA conclusion was a “judgment based on the fact that Russian entities hacked both Democrats and Republicans and only the Democratic information was leaked.”

Read that paragraph again.  Yeah, this psyop that the Media is running with is based on a judgement based on nothing.