Child chain gangs of North Korea exposed, as kids as young as five forced to repair railways – UK Mirror

The footage of North Korea ’s human rights abuses, uncovered by the Daily Mirror, will shock the world.

Yet in his palace hundreds of miles away, despot Jong-un enjoys a life of luxury and thinks nothing of enslaving innocents as young as five.

Michael Glendinning, of the ­European Alliance of Human Rights in North Korea, said: “The footage obtained by the Mirror is startling in its documentation of one of the worst abuses the North Korean state inflicts – child labour.”

Here in the United States, we have college students who are ostensibly young adults reacting to Donald Trump’s victory:

Liberal college students across the country are expressing such anguish over voters electing Donald Trump as president that they feel they shouldn’t be required to take exams.

Students are begging instructors to postpone tests because “the stressful path” of the election has made “the majority of the student body … emotionally distraught and distracted.”

“I am fairly confident that it will be nearly impossible for anyone to focus,” one student pleaded.  He asked that exams be postponed “to preserve the sanctity and mental health of students.”

This isn’t limited to our college students.  Dozens of high profile journalists and celebrities have expressed similar feelings.  All because their candidate, a documented criminal and traitor of the worst kind, lost.

Words fail me in adequately expressing my disgust for you people that even remotely resemble the college students in that article.  If you want to be a pathetic fucking pussy, it’s your right.  But at least have the decency to stay the fuck out of the way while the adults get to work on fixing all the shit you broke the last eight years.