Critical thinking skills…

(This might be a long one.  I’ll do my best to keep it as short as possible, but this is an important topic and it’s been gnawing at me all day.)

I bring the title phrase up a lot on this blog for a reason.  So much of what the Globalists do through the Fake News Media, through false flags, etc, is designed to circumvent the critical thinking center of your brain.  So I keep harping on critical thinking and it’s something everyone should be mindful of when watching the FNM.

Thankfully, we have more and more people engaging in critical thinking.  That’s why Trump won 5 weeks ago, and that’s why the Fake News Media is going to finally destroy itself with this soft coup/Russian Hysteria aimed at weakening or stopping a Trump Presidency.   I am thrilled that the Media has been reduced to this.  It’s a bridge too far, except for perhaps the most programmed Democrats/Hillary supporters.  I’m surprised that CNN hasn’t trotted out a picture of Boris and Natasha stealing ballots.

As I’ve mentioned before, when there’s a problem, most of us want to know what to do to solve it.  I believe the way we solve the current insanity is to find a person in our life and deprogram them.  The FNM is already dying on the vine, but with each deprogramming, the FNM dies more quickly.  So I’m going to provide you with two things.  A list of bullet points that you can use that will hopefully assist in the deprogramming and some links at the end that may help as well.

  • Remind me why Russia is our enemy?  The Russian government, Russian citizens and American people want to defeat ISIS, have peace and prosperity and neither country is claiming ownership of the other’s territory.  Putin has been on international television multiple times in the past year pleading with the American people to wake up, and to realize that they do not want war but the U.S. government and NATO are provoking Russia repeatedly.  Russia is not our enemy.  Our government is the enemy of Russia.
  • The Media is trying to get you to forget the content of the emails and instead focus on how those emails became public.  If daylight causes you to lose an election, don’t blame the goddamn sun.
  • It was people in our own intelligence agencies that leaked data to WikiLeaks.  Leaking is not hacking.
  • It was documented that John Podesta was caught in an email phishing attack that most 6 year olds know to avoid.
  • The FBI examined the same data as the CIA.  Their conclusion differs dramatically from the conclusion that alleged and anonymous CIA agents are leaking to the Fake News Media.  The NSA AND the ODNI also disagree with this alleged conclusion.
  • There are far more links between the Clinton Campaign and Russia than Trump and Russia.
  • If you are truly concerned about “foreign involvement in the election”, please see the following image:



Important articles on this subject that you may find useful:

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A big part in building and possessing character is accepting losses, evaluating what went wrong, moving forward and living with the results.  Now, puppets like Barack Obama, John McCain, the Fake News Media, are just doing what they’re ordered to do.  These people gave up the idea of “character” decades ago.  An independent nationalist in the White House is simply unacceptable when they’re so close to owning the country.  But the dwindling number of Democrat constituents, they can build character by using their critical thinking skills, seeing through the charade and accepting defeat.

And if this can’t deprogram the Liberals in your life that you love, ask them this question:

“How do you think 75 million, well-armed people will react if a President that they believe was elected fairly and squarely is never allowed to assume office?  Do you really want that?”