Obama mocked Romney over Russia, but now he blames Russia for Trump – McClatchy D.C.

Last week Obama admitted surprise over the rise of that terrorist movement in the Iraqi power vacuum after his 2011 U.S. troop withdrawal. Was the president not listening during his daily intelligence briefings? Or did those agencies miss that too?

When Edward Snowden flew off to China and Russia with reams of national security secrets in 2013, Obama initially dismissed him as “a hacker.”

Now, hacking into American institutions has become sadly routine during this administration. Among the targets: Defense contractors, millions of federal personnel files and even entertainment companies.

Finger-pointing at foreign powers makes for good media, even on Fridays. Unidentified administration officials have named Russia, China and North Korea as culprits. They even identified a Shanghai military building where such hacking originates.

Obama’s standard response to bad news is to launch a distraction. Hence that phony anti-Muslim video tale he blamed for Benghazi, even weeks after its debunking. Feds arrested the videographer anyway.

Obama’s damage controls also include flurries of PR activity, mainly verbal. Remember his “swift justice” for the Benghazi killers? Obama’s outrage over the IRS persecuting conservative groups to help his 2012 campaign?

Results: One Libyan mob member was captured. No one was charged at the IRS or elsewhere.


That will be a major legacy of Obama’s 2,922-day presidency. No consequences. Solyndra. Fast and Furious. You can keep your doctor. And Clinton’s national security violations, among many.

Now the Washington Post, which still can’t believe Trump won, reports that the CIA has concluded Russia was actively trying to help the billionaire win. Because, clearly, without communist subversions Americans would never elect him on their own.

Maybe the Russians did do something. That’s not the issue.

Besides complaining publicly, has the Obama administration done something, anything, besides whine about being victimized by hackers? Maybe take responsibility and tighten security?

And why did alleged hacking only bother Obama after a Republican victory, not his own two?

The older I get, the less I understand the human desire to cherry-pick information to reinforce one’s belief in a politician that they’ve never met.  By and large, these people are corrupt, selfish, evil.  But we always think our guy is the white knight, fighting back the forces of evil with a sacred blade and a blessed bulwark.  The stuff in the article above;  there are millions of people in this country that would bristle at that information despite those two paragraphs being 90% fact and 10% opinion.

Trump was courted by the Democrat party for years to run for office.  Fiscally speaking he was neither conservative nor liberal, just a smart businessman who knows what kind of environment is needed for a business to thrive.  That in itself would have caused him to butt heads with Democrats, but they’re a party with flexible principles.  He’s always been a social moderate to Liberal.  I imagine an alternate timeline where Trump would have run as a Democrat but stayed true to his common sense principles and said the exact same things (with the exception of his blistering criticism of Obama) on the campaign trail that he did in “our timeline”.  He would have out-Bernie’d Bernie.  He’d be beloved and would have pulled many Democrats to the middle and away from the far Left.  All because of that “D” next to his name.

That white knight that I referred to.  We haven’t had one of those in decades.  One tried to be, almost died for it then decided the whole “Knight thing” wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.  The one before him got a bullet through his brain.  What if we have another one of those unicorn-rare white knights again, right when we need it the most?  But he has the wrong letter next to his name and so a third of this country is happy to help the Fake News Media’s and the corrupt politician’s attempt to destroy him.

If Trump actually takes office, many will be surprised to see the Republicans do more to thwart his attempts to rebuild this country than the Democrats.  Every move of every cabinet member will be watched by the FNM and the CIA, ready to pounce.  I expect at least one impeachment attempt over the next four years.

Whenever I see a problem, my first instinct is to look for a solution, then immediately try to implement that solution.  We have enough angry, awake and aware people now to move mountains.  I think we forgot that prior to the election but Trump’s win against absurd odds was a reminder.   But I’m not sure we need to move mountains again for now.  We just need to stay active and stay angry.  The people that believe in the FNM is dwindling but they still number in the millions.  It’s your responsibility to pick out one or two to deprogram over the next year.  Ultimately, that’s how I see us fixing this country.