The way people respond to fear…

As I have mentioned on here in the past, the country of France suspended their Constitution on November 13th of last year.  Of course, the Fake News Media doesn’t call it that, they label it as a “State of Emergency”.

Free speech is heavily regulated under this “State of Emergency” and police have broad powers to basically kick in doors and heads whenever they see fit.  They can search any house without a warrant and place anyone under house arrest without consent from a judge.  Because:  terrorism and stuff.  The abuses have been widespread, one such example was an elderly disabled man having four of his teeth kicked in before the police realized they had the wrong person.

Despite the extra powers that this suspension of the constitution gives the police, it still didn’t prevent the July attacks in Nice.  After the attacks, the State of Emergency was extended again.  Because:  Terrorism and stuff.

Now they’ve extended it yet again:

France Extends Emergency Law as Terrorist Threat Remains High

Because:  Terrorism and stuff.

Imagine our United States Constitution being suspended.  Imagine the police having the authority to enter your home at any time.  Bear in mind, they don’t knock in these situations.  It’s a flashbang then a breech.  Imagine if it was your family in that house.

Most people in this country don’t know much about the changes in France over the past ten years.  France has allowed in-throttled Muslim immigration and now as much as 10% of the population is comprised of Muslim immigrants.  Entire towns have been taken over.  Sharia law is unofficially used in some areas.

This is what some powerful people wanted for this country.  They were at least temporarily thwarted on November 8th.  I will not be surprised if France stays under a state of emergency, with a suspended constitution for a very, very long time.  Longer than people think.  The only exception will be if they can elect Le Pen.

Remember the situation in France so you can remember what’s at stake here.

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