Watch the “fake news” obsession on the part of the MSM (the actual fake news) very closely over the coming months.  The people who want to enslave you lost a major battle on November 8th.  Now they’re desperate and that means cracking down on the 1st amendment.  Right now, over a hundred and fifty million dollars has been spent by MSM outlets and social media technology companies on a new initiative to eliminate the alternative media.  There has already been significant censorship of conservative and libertarian opinions on every major social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, Reddit) but you haven’t seen anything yet.

Those free speech champions, the progressive left have yet to raise a single voice of concern over the censorship of differing opinions.  Don’t expect that to change.

The un-elected bureaucracy of the European Union has elected to use the newly acquired powers of the U.N. over our Domain Name Services (DNS) that outgoing President Shithead ceded to them very soon.  You will see the Globalists use the U.N. and their control over DNS to start censoring American websites that present independent, nationalist and populist news.  How do you have Chinese Communist-style censorship of the news in the United States and the European Union?  Call it “fake news”.

Folks, I’m not kidding about this nor am I exaggerating.  We are going to win, but we’d better be prepared to fight.

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