Remember this?

(I ‘memba)

The arrogance on display here by President Fuckhead is breathtaking.

But I would argue that it’s mock arrogance.  Barack Obama knows that a President has leverage when it comes to domestic businesses.  And yes, Barack Obama doesn’t have even a tiny fraction of Donald Trump’s business acumen.  But that’s not the problem.  The problem is that he doesn’t care.

And he wasn’t installed as President to care.

The President has a broad range of powers, some tangible and some intangible.  The bully pulpit  is an extremely powerful tool for a President, especially a Democrat President who has an entire horde of fake media ready to amplify his every word and desire.  The President can work with a Governor of the state (if they’re on friendly terms) to keep a business inside the country.  But the biggest hammer of all is Federal Contracts.  We have a grotesquely inflated Federal workforce.  Every one of their fat asses needs a chair, a desk, a computer and a building to work in.  Buildings need air conditioners….

Make no mistake:  This wasn’t some brilliant use of Trump’s business skills or a deft leveraging of relationships.  He just gave a damn about some people in need and then did something about it.