The Democrats have learned two things from the Presidential election..

“Jack” and “Shit”.   Put them together if you like, it has a certain ring to it.

Yesterday, the Democrats decided to stay with  rich, San-Francisco Liberal and aging Valley Girl, Nancy Pelosi as the House Minority Leader.  I can only assume this was a rare moment of generosity on the part of Democrats and they felt a desire to give Republicans an early Christmas gift.  What a colossal cock-up in re-electing this left-wing, doddering old fool.  The Democrats had an enormous opportunity to invigorate their stale, identity-politics strategy with the far younger Tim Ryan, a Democrat out of Ohio and one of the only Democrats in the country who seems to have a firm grasp on reality.  Tim would have been able to create a compelling agenda that would have led to some productive compromises with the Republican majority but the Dems seem to be committed to tearing the country in half.

The other big sign this week that Democrats learned nothing from their defeat is the rumor that Keith Fucking Ellison may become the DNC Chair.  But let’s back up a moment.

When a major political party in any country suffers a crippling loss, the party leaders tend to feel a reactionary impulse to move the party closer to the Base.  This almost always goes badly as the most fervent supporters of a political party tend to alienate the moderates and independents.

So bearing that fact in mind, the Democrats are seriously considering electing an anti-Semitic associate of the Nation of Islam as their DNC chair.  That should really appeal to middle America.  Smart thinkin’ Democrats.  But perhaps most telling, the DNC knows their own base will not have any objections to Ellison.  It gives the rank and file one more thing to puff out their chests about “Just LOOK at how tolerant and socially progressive I AM!!!”

But the saddest element is that Jewish voters are so hypnotized by the already anti-Semitic Democrat party, the DNC doesn’t even risk alienating them by putting Ellison in charge.  No matter what, they don’t lose the Jews.

But they’ve lost everyone else.