A reminder…

If we don’t hold Trump accountable, we’re no better than the mentally enslaved scum that voted for Hillary.

Trump wants harsh consequences for burning the flag:

Trump takes heat for wanting to outlaw flag burning — but Clinton wanted the same in 2005

And they’re both wrong.  As stupid as it is, burning the American flag is clearly covered under the 1st Amendment.  It may repulse you, it may disgust you, it may be fucking retarded, but people have a right to do it.  Trump has no business pushing for a law against it.

However, it’s possible that this is just Trump fucking with the media.  He’s done this before and I have little doubt that he knew Hillary said almost the exact same thing about flag burning a decade ago.  1. Say something to whip the Fake News Media into a frenzy  2. Sit back and chuckle  3. Leak the video/transcript of a prominent Liberal saying the same thing.  4. Sit back and chuckle again.

Time will tell.


More importantly:

FBI and NSA Poised to Gain New Surveillance Powers Under Trump

It bears stating that this article is heavily speculative.  The author writes in a fashion that implies that it’s a simple eventuality that these new powers for the intelligence agencies will be written into law.  I in no way, shape or form agree with that but I don’t have the agenda that the author does.

That being said, a draconian domestic spying apparatus is wrong no matter who the President is.  The Neocons in Congress may very well push for expanding the FBI/NSA’s powers and we need to be prepared to say “No.” to both the Neocons and Trump.  The makeup of this Congress will make it very difficult to override a veto.