I have purposely avoided talking about this…

…absurdly transparent action by Jill Stein in requesting a recount but I suppose I can’t avoid it any longer.

Stein, who many times expressed her preference for Trump over Hillary (because the former is not an insane war-monger) got a bee in her bonnet and decided to challenge the vote in three states that Trump narrowly won: Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan.  There’s two main stories here.

#1.  Why?  Why is Stein requesting a recount in three states that Trump won and not requesting a recount in states that Clinton narrowly won but had significant signs of voter fraud?  The simple answer is twofold:  George Soros is funding the recount effort and number two, Stein can pocket the money for a 2020 run.  She’s raised more money for the Green Party with this little stunt than she did during the election cycle.  I’m not kidding.

But the longer “why” is because it’s a way to steal the news cycle from Trump.  They know they’re not going to win any states here (Trump’s lead has grown by 440 votes in Wisconsin because of the recount), but they can create the psychological meme in the mentally enslaved masses’ tiny brains that somehow Trump’s victory was “fishy”.  The Fake News Media (MSM) can focus on this story for the next 6 weeks instead of what Trump is doing to improve the country.   A very good related article:

The Democrats’ real strategy in launching recounts – American Thinker

Oh, and you’re probably asking how do I know that George Soros is funding this recount?  First, it’s because I know and because this:

Breaking: SOROS BOT Funding Stein Recount At Steady Rate $160k Per Hour

But let’s get to the larger issue:

#2 Trump won the popular vote by a landslide but had that victory stolen by election fraud.  The evidence:

-Bev Harris, a Democrat and the foremost expert on black box/fraction magic vote fraud:  Hillary Tried to Steal the Election from Trump but Failed (Please advance to 3:30 in the video).

-Electoral Studies Journal: Do non-citizens vote in U.S. Elections?

-A related note:  Dems Move to Replace Elections Official Who Claimed Voter fraud is Rampant in NYC

Votefraud.org determined after going over 180 million names on the voter rolls that 3 million illegal immigrants voted in this election.  I’ll bet my next paycheck that not a single one went for Donald Trump.  The Fake News Media of course is dismissing this claim but Votefraud.org is a respectable establishment and more importantly, any sensible person shouldn’t be surprised by 3 million illegal votes when illegal immigration was a huge issue in this election and because of what this shit stain said before the election.

-Over a million dead citizens voted in this election and the number might be as large as 1.8 million.

-Fraction magic was heavily used in the major cities.  Check out Bev Harris’ explanation video on Fraction Magic.  This is why Trump dominated everywhere outside the major cities.  He won 85% of the counties in this country.  Fraction magic voter fraud and voter fraud in general is always focused on the large, inner-city counties.  You get the most bang for your crooked buck and more importantly, there’s only so many crooked election heads to go around.  No party has the resources to install a crooked official out in in the sticks.  They scammed millions of votes in the inner cities but the landslide was so enormous, everything outside of the major cities went to Trump.

Some of you might ask:  How do we know that Trump’s campaign wasn’t committing voter fraud?  That’s an excellent question.  Republicans and the RNC have engaged in voter fraud many, many times in the past.  Both the 2000 and 2004 elections were stolen from Al Gore and John Kerry respectively.  Clinton stole the 1992 election.  The 2008 and 2012 elections were stolen via different means and would take too long to explain here and it’s not germane.  But yes, Republicans have stolen their fair share of national elections.  However, Trump did not because he has no infrastructure to do it with.  Someday an insider will write a book about the Trump campaign and one of the key elements in that book will be the fact that the RNC was actively working against Trump.  The millions of dollars donated to the RNC by people thinking that they were helping Trump?  Not one goddamn red cent was spent by the RNC on Trump.  The RNC did nothing to assist their supposed candidate and they’re certainly not going to help him get into office via voter fraud.

Now, data and evidence aside, the election was not even as close as the information above implies.  I have been told that the actual vote without illegal/dead voters and with no fractional magic on the computerized voting machines in large cities was in the neighborhood of 65% Trump to 30% Hillary with the remaining 5% going to Johnson and Stein.  This was the landslide of all landslides, the mandate of all mandates.  And when one simply looks at the rally attendance for the two candidates, it’s not surprising.  We have never seen a Presidential candidate from a major political party generate so few attendees to their rallies in the modern American age.  Only the die-hard, mentally enslaved fools voted for her.

If you made it this far, thank you.  Yes, Trump won.  But voter fraud is an enormous problem and only a landslide prevented Hillary Clinton from assuming office and starting World War 3.  We must fix this before the next election.