The Fake News Media is silent…

..on HR 5732 “Syrian Civilian Protection Act”.  Or more specifically, a bill to impose a no-fly zone in Syria which would almost certainly provoke a war with Russia.

When a country imposes a “No Fly Zone” on another country, you’re telling that country (Syria) that not even the Syrian Air Force may fly their planes in that area.   Typically (but not always) this is an opening move before initiating a bombing campaign or ground invasion.

This bill is being introduced during a “lame duck session” because of the holidays.  Due to many members of Congress not being present because of the holidays, the normal Congressional rules do not apply.  Expect to see more of this while the special rules of expediency are in play and the American people are focused on what gift to buy for their nana and not the actions of the criminals in our government.

Eliot Engel,  a Democrat Congressman from New York is the sponsor of the bill.  But let’s remember that Hillary Clinton is the architect of our involvement in Syria and she promised to “ramp up” our military involvement in Syria “when she was elected”.  Looks like Hillary didn’t have to win in order to get her wish.

Eliot Engel’s Twitter feed (where there is NO mention of the bill)

Official web page for HR 5732