First they ignore you.

Then they laugh at you.

Then they attack you.

Then they attempt to censor you.

Then you win.

We are being censored, folks.  This story is now several days old but I wanted to watch it play out before commenting on it.  This is old-school fascism, the kind famous despots would be proud of.  It is the first major salvo fired by the Globalists through their propaganda arm, the American Mainstream Media.

You may have heard social media companies performing a “crackdown on fake news”.  This sounds great in theory.  All the major news networks think this idea is just swell.  But what this crackdown is actually about is censoring or outright silencing news sources and prominent individuals who run stories and opinions that are contrary to the MSM.  In other words, the companies that produce fake news want to crack down on the real news but they’re telling you that the real news is actually fake news.  Make sense?  Good.

During the campaign, we saw the media pathetically prostrate itself to the Clinton campaign and destroyed their remaining credibility in an all out effort to install her into the White House.  There were dozens of WikiLeaks emails showing direct collusion between the MSM and the Clinton Campaign.  But, it failed.  The ability of the “good guys” on social media  (InfoWars, Daily Caller, Breitbart, Drudge, Scott Adams and many, many more) to get important stories to the masses that the Mainstream Media was actively trying to bury was critical to Trump’s victory.  The contents of the dozens of WikiLeaks document dumps with damning information on the Clinton campaign being the most significant.  This simply cannot be allowed to continue.

Twitter is now shadowbanning and/or openly banning Twitter accounts that promote messages that they do not like.  As you might have guessed, these are accounts that have supported Trump and have shined a bright light on the corruption of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  Not terribly surprising since Twitter doesn’t appear to care about making money any longer.  And it will never make money again as long as it continues to be run as a de facto Super PAC for the Democrats.  But what Twitter, Facebook and Google don’t understand is that the real news will continue to get out to the large portion of the population that’s now awake and aware.  But Liberals will now become even more cocooned in their echo chamber.

A Brief Timeline

This actually started long before the election, but the first sign that this would eventually become formal policy was the Trump Campaign’s business dealings (or lack thereof) with Twitter.  You can read all of the details here:

A CALL WITH JACK: How Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, restricted advertising for Trump’s campaign

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey turned down millions of dollars worth of advertising with the Trump campaign because he’s a fucking neo-liberal fascist.  I wonder how the shareholders feel about that, Jack?

After the election, things moved into high gear:

Twitter begins shadowbanning, shadowblocking accounts; Partners with the Southern Poverty Law Center (yes, you read that correctly) to delete accounts.

Wikipedia has begun to send inconvenient facts down the memory hole:

Wikipedia has been earning a reputation for SJW-thought-policing over the last several years, with “edit-wars” exploding over politically sensitive topics.  One perfect example surrounds the Wiki page for Alicia Machado, the beauty queen who accused Trump of insulting her.  As her profile has risen, due to her appearances with the Hillary Clinton campaign, the more embarrassing moments of her past have disappeared from her Wiki.

Facebook is now discussing the implementation of “fact checkers” to censor or delete “fake news”.  You can be assured that these “fact checkers” will be of the same caliber and political bend of the “fact checkers” at such pathetically partisan sites like politifact and snopes.  Here’s an article by some asshole/hack named Sam Biddle who is very sad about Trump being elected, and so Facebook needs to crack down on news that he doesn’t like:

Facebook, I’m begging  you, please make yourself better is continuing to demonetize videos that are critical of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.  When a conservative/libertarian/alt-right content creator really gets attention from youtube, they age restrict their videos which prevents monetization, embedding, linking and searching.

But it gets better folks.

Barack Obama recently traveled to Germany to visit fellow fascist, Angela Merkel.  They spent time lamenting the ability of social media to penetrate the lies of the MSM and spoke of the need to censor this new media:

Obama and Angela Merkel Blame Internet and Social Media for Disrupting Globalism – Breitbart

“Because of the internet and communications, the clash of cultures is much more direct,” Obama said during a press conference on his trip to Berlin. “People feel, I think, less certain about their identity. Less certain about economic security.”

Obama predicted that the rise of technology needed to be managed to give world citizens more control, beyond the simplistic answers found online.

His German counterpart agreed.

“Digitization is a disruptive force, a disruptive technological force that brings about deep-seated change, transformation of a society,” Merkel added.

She compared the internet to the invention of the printing press, citing the consequences it had on industrialized countries.

 “It took a while until societies learned how to find the right kind of policies to contain this and to manage and steer this,” she said.

Obama blamed social media for creating a climate where facts didn’t matter, asserting that facts were the basis of democracy. Social media, he explained, allowed people to get their information “in sound bites” off their phones.

Read that whole section a 2nd time if you haven’t already.  They sound like two tin-pot dictators lamenting the peasants’ discovery of two cans and a string to communicate.  As usual, this is a direct attempt to further bamboozle the ignorant and enrage the informed.  It wasn’t slogans or “sound bites” that transformed opinion about this election.  It was the dedicated, time-consuming work that people presented on social media.  Patriots spending dozens of hours searching through hundreds of thousands of WikiLeaks emails to find the important ones, connect the dots and present them in a logical, coherent fashion.  The statements by these ostensible “leaders” are nothing more than playing to the imbeciles in America who are still chanting the “racist, sexist, homophobic” mantra and a disgusting “show of the hand” to their dark, tyrannical desires to censor and control the populace.

But it gets even better folks.

Google and its partners are now considering delisting websites that publish “fake news” such as Inforwars, Breitbart, The Daily Caller, etc based on pressure from Leftists in the MSM and academia:



Bottom Line:  Expect to see extremely overt censorship by the primary social media companies moving forward instead of the covert censorship they’ve been engaging in.

This is grotesquely un-American behavior and these companies must be punished.  The best way to punish them is to expose what they are doing and to use other technologies that do not attempt to censor its users and in the process, alter the trajectory of this country to their preferred globalist and authoritarian model.

The Ex-CEO of Mozilla has created a new (and very speedy) browser called Brave.

Gab is a free speech guaranteed replacement for Twitter and is growing rapidly.

In a statement, Gab said: “We are a free-speech website and nothing more. Gab is open to all users, regardless of their political beliefs, ideology, and moral views. Our mission is to put people first and to foster discourse without hindrance and prescription, as is occurring throughout the online community.”

MeWe is a replacement for Facebook, with no censorship and no intellectual-property stealing, globalist little shitbag as a CEO.

You knew the new-liberal fascists wouldn’t just go away when we elected Trump.  We won an enormous battle but we have to keep fighting.  We will win.