Dems hit new low in state legislatures – The Hill

The Democratic Party will hit a new nadir in state legislative seats after suffering more losses in November’s elections, highlighting the devastation up and down the party across the nation.

Republicans will control 4,170 state legislative seats after last week’s elections, while Democrats will control 3,129 seats in the nation’s 98 partisan legislative chambers. Republicans picked up a net gain of 46 seats in Tuesday’s elections, while Democrats lost 46 seats, according to the latest vote counts from The Associated Press.

When you spend eight years proudly proclaiming that everyone who disagree with your ideas is the worst possible kind of human being, when you weaponized the Federal Government against those same people and when you move to the far Left as a party but pretend that you haven’t and that it’s the other side that’s moved to the far right, this is what tends to happen.

The Republicans are still a mess, but Republican voters at least have the moral and ethical compass to recognize it and consequently, the voters have been clearing out some of the scum over the last several years.  The Dems are just doubling down on whomever can sound the most like Fidel Castro.