What’s the headline here?

I’m going to propose:

“Phony who lied about ethnicity to advance academic career says newly elected President has failed on campaign promises a month before he’s taken office”.   How’s that?

Senator Warren to President-Elect: I’m ready to fight.

Warren said, “You know, Americans are angry about a federal government that works for the rich and powerful and it leaves everyone else in the dirt. Donald Trump knows that. He talked a good game during the campaign and he promised to end corruption. He promised to drain the swamp and after one week we’ve seen what Donald Trump’s promise means—nothing. His word, his promise to the American people is worth nothing. Well, Mr. President-elect, let me be clear. I’m ready to fight on behalf of the millions of Americans you have lied to. That includes the millions who voted for you and the millions who didn’t.”

I honestly don’t know where to even start.  There is so much comedy gold in that paragraph, I don’t think I have enough space on this page to fully detail all of the stupidity and hypocrisy.  The fact that this shameless moron is a rockstar among the Left is pathetically sad.