Flashback Wednesday…

..This is an exchange between John Kirby, State Department Press Secretary puppet and a reporter from Russia Today from earlier this year.  Kirby is asked a perfectly reasonable question in response to the State Department’s claim that Russia was bombing hospitals in Syria:

This is but one of many examples of the kind of agitprop this Administration has been creating to slowly build up support/cover for a confrontation with Russia.  Kirby loses his shit because this reporter dares to ask him where the hospitals that have been bombed are geographically located.  Pretty reasonable question from a good reporter who wants to verify an event and then speak with people on the ground who might have witnessed it.

Kirby responds by going into full defense mode.

I bring this up as a reminder that we cannot take our foot off the collective Liberal neck.  Yes, I’ve been preaching the need to persuade and enlighten the Hillary voters.  But the entity that the Democratic party has become must be demolished.  They destroy everything they touch and they’ve been touching America in all the wrong places for far too many years.  I’m sure many of you are tired of hearing me say this, but we were horrifically close to a nuclear confrontation with Russia and all because of the conglomeration of Globalists running the country:  The entire Democrat party, the Neoconservative Republicans, the Media that lies for them and all the other usual suspects.

Do not fool yourself into believing the current incarnation of the Democrats is dead.  When an enemy is truly defeated, they are humbled and that is the moment where real cognitive introspection happens.  Only then will an enemy do some genuine soul-searching about what they got wrong and how they can genuinely do things differently.  The Democrats are emphatically not at that stage.  Every Democrat politician, pundit,  newspaper and network are all pointing their fingers in every direction but inward:

-That bastard Comey ruined Hillary’s chance

This country just couldn’t fucking handle the idea of a woman in charge

Half the country is racist, bigoted and sexist.

The goddamn Russians stole the election

And on and on and on.

I’ve seen too many movies where the good guy let’s the bad guy live as a sign of mercy.  We all know how that works out.  The billionaire globalists that control the Democrat party and American Progressive Politics are loading up for war.  You should be too.