Democrats, here’s why you lost the election…

…In a few easy bullet points.  Since both Liberal MSM and Alt-Right media are trying to explain why Hillary lost the election, I figured I’d clear the air and provide the real reasons.

  1. Rhetorical question for you Liberals:  When have you ever seen a person who was persuaded by being insulted and labeled?   The whole “you’re with us or you’re shit” approach is a bad one.
  2. The WikiLeaks document dumps revealed Hillary Clinton to be a traitorous felon who was happy to sell her influence to hostile governments for millions.   It confirmed her obvious health issues and it confirmed that she and her staff had lied and perjured herself multiple times in her attempt to explain away her private email server.  But make no mistake, the email server itself paled in comparison to the content of Podesta’s emails in terms of their influence on the election.
  3. The disgustingly Un-American nature of the Media.  The Media spent a year hiding every negative thing they could about Hillary and covering every conceivable negative about Trump (and even inventing some new ones out of thin air).  The media colluded with the Clinton Campaign in the debates to help Hillary.  We no longer have a 4th estate in this country, we have propaganda networks that would make Goebbels blush.
  4. Millions of white voters proudly voted in a bi-racial President in 2008.  In exchange, they got to hear what awful human beings they are for the next eight years.
  5. While you were believing the absurd lie by the Media that everything in America has been great the last 8 years, the rest of us have been using our eyes and have seen an economy of historically bad proportions, real unemployment at over 25%, 100%+ inflation, federal corruption from top to bottom and a federal government/corptocracy that has been weaponized against conservatives and libertarians.

But the most important one is left for #6:  Donald Trump is a moderate and *gasp* a good man.  Since last Tuesday, all you have to do is open your front door and stick your ear out to hear the mindless Progressive chant of “Racist, Sexist, Homophobic!” off in the distance.  Liberals everywhere listened to Liberal pundits and politicians that told them that Trump was racist, sexist and homophobic and probably steals candy from autistic children.  And you believed them without a shred of critical analysis.

When Trump made it clear that he wanted to maintain our legal immigration policy that brings in well over a million people every year and that illegal immigration was allowing rapists and murders in, the Media shortened it to “Trump calls Mexicans rapists and murderers”.  You happily gobbled it up.  This eventually became a blanket condemnation of “Trump is a racist” implying that Trump hates everyone that isn’t white.

When you heard that “Trump is a homophobe” you happily repeated it even though there’s no evidence that Trump is homophobic in any way, shape or form.  As I’ve said before, Trump was speaking out for gay rights back when Bill Clinton was signing the Defense of Marriage Act.

When you were told that “Trump is a warmonger”, you shouted it in the streets, so eager you were to proudly and mindlessly repeat what your betters had told you.  Even though at every turn, he has expressed the desire to use diplomacy while Hillary Clinton has a proven track record in the State Department of causing as much death and destabilization in the Middle East as she possibly could.  During the goddamn campaign she threatened nuclear war with Russia and Iran.  But Trump is the warmonger, you fuckwits.

When they told you “Trump was sexist”, you proudly stood up against the war on women because as we all know, some locker room talk among the boys is what the war on women is all about.  All the while of course you were lying, either to your partner or yourself.  You Liberal boys were either lying to your wife/girlfriend that you’ve never talked that way in private company, or you have a serious testosterone deficiency and you never actually have talked to that way.   The Liberal ladies lied to themselves, pretending that their boyfriend/husbands would never say such things and that they were no doubt equally appalled.  You did all of this instead of recognizing that Bill Clinton has raped multiple women and his wife, the nominee for President helped cover it up by intimidating those women into silence.  Guess which behavior is worse:  locker room talk or rape and subsequent intimidation.

So while you “progressives” were doing all that, the rest of the country was actually searching for the real information on Donald Trump instead of just hearing what we wanted to hear.  We found out that this is a man who has spent a lifetime building things, who loves his country, who raised good kids, who has spoken out for gay rights, and who has promoted racial integration even when his customers didn’t want it.  We found a man who has consistently espoused moderate, socially progressive views for decades despite your declaration that he’s an ultra right-wing fascist.  We found a man who despite living decades in the public eye has very few skeletons in the closet aside from liking the ladies a bit too much.

That’s why you lost.