Why the Electoral College Matters…

…and why it should never, ever go away.


Over the last several days, in between the Liberal drone of gnashing teeth, you can occasionally hear them blurt out “Get rid of the Electoral College”.  This statement is a symptom of the pathetic state of our public education system and the general temperament of Democrats when they don’t get their way.

Here’s a meltdown by a man who is a cameraman for CNN.  Yes, this man actually works for CNN, a network that allegedly covers politics, and yet he has no understanding of the importance of the Electoral College:

But mockery aside, there’s a very good reason to retain the Electoral College that you probably haven’t heard mentioned.  Yes, you’ve no doubt heard “State’s rights” which is without question an important element to the EC.  But it also serves an even more important function in neutering an idea that many Liberals hold dear.

There’s an old saying that goes “Tyranny by the Majority”.  But I prefer this one: “Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner”.  This is why we are not a Democracy, but rather a Constitutional Republic.

The Founding Fathers feared the future “European-ization” of America.  Specifically they feared the possibility that despite the frontier spirit that America was founded on, many Americans would collect into huge cities.  Obviously, they were wise to envision this possibility.  The Elites of course are aware of this.  This knowledge is what inspired Leftist themes of “the evils of urban sprawl” and the idea that living in the city is “more green” than living in the suburbs or out in the boonies.

The problem with large cities is that they become a cognitive echo chamber, resulting in very little diversity of opinion.  Look at any of the major cities in this country and nearly every single one is comprised of a disproportionate number of Leftists. Worse yet, this results in the whims of that major population center dominating the politics for the state.  Just look at states like California or Minnesota and you’ll see this problem in action.  The Twin Cities dominate the political agenda with the rest of the state being under-represented at the capital.

Fortunately, this phenomenon is neutralized to some extent by the Electoral College.  In a pure Democracy, mega-cities could (and would) dominate elections and for no other reason than the Liberal Hive Mind.  I posted a few tweets about this last week and had several angry replies that went something like (or exactly like) this:  “So what you’re saying is that my vote doesn’t count for as much as someone living in the country!!!  WE JUST WANT ALL VOTES TO COUNT THE SAME, IS THAT SO WRONG?”.

I responded to each of them with a deep, history laden explanation:  “Yes, your vote counts for less if you live in a big city, as it should be.”