Anti-Trump Protests: 1 Shot After ‘Confrontation’ in Portland; Marchers Hit NYC, L.A. – NBC News

This display of “Liberal Tolerance” and “love conquering hate” involves a lot more arson and assault than I would have expected.

There’s a lesson in all the rioting going on in major cities right now for the Left…  But they won’t get it unless they get help from smart, persuasive people (like the ones reading this blog).

The people rioting right now engaged in and supported the people who were calling millions of regular, ordinary people all kinds of horrible names:  racist, misogynist, homophobic, bigoted, etc.  And all of those regular people who are none of those things got really fucking tired of it and voted for the candidate that was giving a middle finger to that entire collection of self-righteous hypocrites.

And so the day after the Election, the Left and those among them rioting had a choice:

  1. Do some serious soul-searching about your conduct, your strategy of persuading others to your point of view, and your belief in a Media that lied to you for well over a year at every single turn.
  2. Double down baby!  Call those bastards racists, homophobs, misogynists and bigots, except this time do it louder.

Guess which one they picked?

There’s two big reasons as to why this is happening.  One is obvious and that’s the fact that the Media spent a year telling Liberals that they should forget several decades of history and instead believe that Donald Trump is the spawn of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.

But the other relates to something I’ve talked about a lot in the past in reference to Liberals, and that’s cognitive dissonance.  Liberals carry around a LOT of cognitive dissonance.  So pretend you’re a Liberal (DO NOT take this little  exercise too far and hit yourself in the head with a hammer) and you just watched half the country vote Trump into office.  You can process this in one of two ways:

  1. You can start asking yourself that if half the public doesn’t seem Trump as an absolute monster, perhaps he isn’t a monster.  This is a tough pill to swallow for a Liberal because accepting this as truth means accepting that the Liberal isn’t as smart and informed as he/she thought he was.  This is too much cognitive dissonance.

The other option is the one that is being chosen right now by millions:

2. In order to maintain that self-image that you’re smart and informed, that must mean that not only is Trump still a monster, but that half the country knows he’s a monster and voted for him anyway… or possibly even because of it. 

This hallucination leads the Liberal to believe that the KKK is no longer a fringe group, but constitutes half the goddamn country.  And then we go down the same rationalization hole that I’ve talked about so many times before.  The KKK is bad and evil, these people that voted for Trump are like the KKK so they are evil and you don’t debate or converse with evil people, you fuck their shit up.  And that’s okay because they’re the bad people.

We have to find a way to reach some of these people and get them to understand that this isn’t Democrats vs. Republicans.  This is the citizens of the United States of America vs. some really evil people that want to destroy what we have.  It is unlikely that Trump will get a 2nd term (I’ll elaborate on that in another post) and he is going to need all the support he can get in order to remove as much of the corruption in Washington as possible.