Where Do We Go From Here?

NOTE: WordPress has absolutely fucked the formatting of this post.  I’m trying to fix it but in the interim, hopefully it’s still semi-readable.
A friend (who did not vote for Trump) texted me this morning and said “You must be on cloud 9”.  No, not on Cloud 9 but I’m terribly, terribly relieved.
The stakes last night were nothing less than the survival of the Republic.  We’ve had 8 years of Bill Clinton, 8 of George W. Bush and 8 of Barack Obama.  Four more years of yet another globalist is not something we could have withstood.
The populace knew this.  There was an unusually large number of well-informed voters in this election and they knew what was at stake.  But there was an even larger group that might not have taken the time to read through hundreds of WikiLeaks emails, but they knew in their hearts.
So here we are today, the Death of the Republic postponed.  So what do we do?  For at least a week, we leave the Hillary supporters alone.  These people have been in an echo chamber for a year and lied to at literally every turn by a Media they trusted.  They’re furious and scared.  Let them have a good cry for now.
But after that, we must begin the deprogramming.  Donald Trump is President, but he is still just one man.  The Democrats in Congress didn’t suddenly stop being a bunch of traitorous vipers this morning.  The Republicans in Congress didn’t suddenly stop either.  The NWO isn’t going to just give up after a major setback.  They will use their bought and paid for politicians to undercut and hinder Trump and his agenda at every turn.  The level of engagement and enthusiasm that you all displayed for this election has to be maintained in order to pressure these politicians into supporting Trump’s agenda.
And the more of us their are to apply the pressure, the more successful Trump will be in fixing this country.  So that means you have to be patient, you have to be informed and armed with facts, and you have to be persuasive.  Over the course of next year, you have to reach out to those people in your life that are devastated today understand some things.  Things like:
1. The WikiLeaks weren’t Russian propaganda.  They must read these emails.
That will then lead to the fact that:
2. The Media lied about everything.
Remind them that:
3. Hillary stole the nomination from Bernie.
And lastly:
4. DE-Demonize Trump.  Trump has a decades-long track record of being a socially progressive moderate who is widely known in New York as someone that was doing business with blacks, Jews, Asians and anyone else decades ago when nobody else was.  Trump was speaking up for gay rights at the same time Bill Clinton was signing the Defense of Marriage act.  The number of posts and tweets I’ve seen today by people who seem to believe that Trump is some kind of arch-social conservative that’s going to start nuking every Planned Parenthood clinic in the country is painful.  Unlike his opponent, Trump actually has real, genuine and workable plans to bring prosperity, equality and safety to every demographic.
Yes, I know this is a tall order and yes, I know that a lot of Hillary supporters are fucking insufferable morons.  But for the good of the country, your job over the next year is to make those insufferable morons into sensible, well-informed people.  If we love this country and what it can become again, we HAVE to.  We can’t allow the globalists to destroy Trump and further divide and corrupt the electorate in the process.  This victory is too precious to waste.
One last thing and I’ll finish (I promise!).  Almost anyone reading this is an extremely well-informed individual so you know not only the extend of Hillary’s documented crimes in the WikiLeaks data, you know about the charges of pedophilia that have been leveled against her, Bill, Jon Podesta and Huma Abedin by Steve Pieczenik and the corroborating information in Podesta’s emails.  You know that Hillary has spent an entire political career taking whatever she can from this country, ignoring the laws, stepping on (or killing) anyone in the way of her exercises in power consolidation.  But you should not ask Trump to prosecute her, nor should you expect him to.
While prosecuting and imprisoning Hillary would be the “right” thing in terms of the Scales of Justice being balanced,  it would destroy any hope of what I have outlined above.  It will be viewed as political retaliation by her supporters and the Media will spend every waking minute framing it as exactly that.  If she and Barack Obama are willing to hand over the power of the Executive Branch without incident or violence, then it’s in the country’s best interest to let them ride off into the sunset where they can do no further harm.
No, it’s not fair.  But it’s a small sacrifice if it allows us to fix this country.