A message about tomorrow..

You know who has won this election.  But we don’t know what will happen tomorrow.  So a few reminders:

-Insist on a paper ballot.

-If there’s an electronic reader for that paper ballot, insist on an election judge or assistant proving to you that your vote was counted properly.

-If you see election theft, report it to the police immediately so that there is a record.

Now that’s out of the way, a few other items:

-The Networks will try to declare as many states early for Hillary as possible in an attempt to suppress evening voter turnout for Trump.  Do not let them discourage you or anyone you know with this trick.

-If Trump wins, there will be riots for the rest of the week.  Stay as far away from them as you can while protecting your family and your property.  Do not get involved in any way.

-If Hillary manages to steal the election, do not do anything foolish and do not lose hope.  Too many people inside the FBI and the NYPD have seen the evidence for Hillary’s problems to just go away.

-If Hillary manages to steal the election, do not accept her as your President.  Work tirelessly and legally to accelerate the pace of her indictment and/or impeachment.

-If Hillary manages to steal the election, watch for (and support) independent exit polling entities like StoptheSteal and others.  Voting totals cannot deviate from exit polls past 2% without a formal investigation.  These are crucial.

Never forget that you are on the side of the informed and the good.