BREAKING : Most Accurate Poll in Last 3 Election Cycles Predicts Trump Victory #ElectionDay – TruthFeed

In their final poll prior to Election day, IBD/TIPP has Trump ahead 43% to 41% in a nail biter. While winning the popular vote would not in itself guarantee a Trump victory, if IBD / TIPP is once again accurate and Trump has a 2% or greater margin in the popular vote,  it would far more likely than not he would also catapult above the 270 electoral votes needed to secure the Presidency.

Use your critical thinking skills.  There is no enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton.  Mike Pence, Trump’s VP candidate has drawn more people to his rallies than Hillary and Kaine combined.  African Americans don’t like Clinton and yes, many will vote because they think they have to, but Trump will pull in double the black vote that Romney did.  There is no organic support for Hillary Clinton beyond the hardcore, brainwashed zombies.

You know in your gut that in a fair election, Trump would win in a landslide.  The polls are utterly fake.  Look at every other piece of information you have available to you.  Does this really look like a “neck and neck” race?

Do your part tomorrow.