Musings before bedtime…

Last post of the day before we start again tomorrow.

-I strongly suspect we’re going to have an interesting weekend thanks to WikiLeaks.  How interesting, I don’t know.  But there’s potential for some bigger bombshells than the ones we’ve already seen put together.

-I’m not terribly religious but I’m by no means an atheist either.  I won’t be praying that Trump wins this weekend.  I’ll be praying for a fair election and the defeat of the evil that has infested our government.  And make no mistake, this is not just corruption.  This is systemic evil.  These people are not satisfied to sit on the throne, they want to grind their subjects under their boot while they sit on that throne.  It won’t hurt for you to say a little prayer as well.

-Praying is good, but so is visualizing the most positive outcome possible on Tuesday.  No, I’m not talking about new age-y crystals and whatnot.  I’m talking about newly discovered aspects of Quantum Physics that show how we think about something can affect the outcome.  Visualize a good outcome on Tuesday with no violence.

Unless you’re a Hillary supporter.  Then don’t do any of this.