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The Trump jet will be touching down in Minneapolis tomorrow:

Donald Trump is Going to Minnesota – Breitbart

I have not seen internal polling for Minnesota in quite some time, but things must be very close if Trump has decided to use part of the precious two days remaining before election day.

I live in Minneapolis so for those of you reading this outstate, here’s a few local insights:

Trump won the Minnesota High School vote.  This story didn’t get much more than a quick mention in the local papers and nothing at all nationally.  But I think the outcome of this election implies strong support for Trump in a state that’s historically stupid when it comes to voting.   Kids tend to feel the same way about politics as their parents do.  I think it’s extremely unlikely that many of these kids were going against their parents.

-File this one under the “purely anecdotal” file.  I have a german shepherd and consequently, we walk.  A lot.  3-4 miles every day and on different routes.  I’ve walked by almost every yard in a 2 mile radius of my NE Minneapolis home.  I’ve seen 2 Clinton yard signs and 3 Trump yard signs.  I suspect that there would be more Trump signs if it wasn’t for the fact that having a Trump sign in your yard assures that your car will be keyed or your house burnt down.  There just doesn’t seem to be much enthusiastic support for Hillary Clinton in a traditionally very Liberal district in a very Liberal city.

-The allegiance to the old DFL (Democratic Farmer Labor) party of Minnesota has always resulted in a big advantage for Democrats outside the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.  However, data and anecdotal evidence show that trend now ending.  Rural Minnesota seems to be strongly in favor of Trump based on the data I’ve seen.

-But is that enough to overcome two very Liberal population centers in St. Paul and Minneapolis.  I have no idea.  This town is bursting at the seams with white, middle-class, childless Liberal idiots.  This is a city that made the vote close enough for Al Fucking Franken that the DNC could steal the election on his behalf.  This is a town that elected an inbred trust-fund baby that can barely put together a sentence to the goddamn Governor’s mansion.  Consequently, I always expect the worst.

But perhaps the main takeaway from this story is that it implies the presence of a vastly underreported layer of support for Trump.  I’ve seen some documents that were prepared back in the early summer for the Clinton campaign by a 3rd party and the conclusion was that even at that time, Hillary could not win against Trump.  There was too little support for her and too much for him.  The document then listed a number of dirty tricks for the Campaign to use to even the odds with one of them being engaging the Media into a full court press.   Documents aside, I believe that there is an enormous amount of enthusiasm and support for Trump;  A level of support that not even the internal polling data (which is very favorable) represents.

But with HRC’s enormously powerful backers (literally every established global power base) and with trillions of dollars and power on the line, there’s very little that they won’t be willing to do in order to steal this election.

As always:  FIGHT.