Democratic Presidential Elector Says He Won’t Vote For Hillary Clinton – ABC News

A Democratic presidential elector in Washington state says he will not vote for Hillary Clinton.

Former Bernie Sanders delegate Robert Satiacum told ABC News Friday night that the Democratic presidential candidate‘s stance on the environment clashed with his Native American heritage. “I will not vote for Hillary Clinton,” he told ABC News. “I will not write her name. I will not. I will not.”

The member of the Puyallup Tribe in the Evergreen State says he believes Clinton lied about using a private email server, calling it a “heinous act of stupidity.”

“She has done nothing remarkable as Secretary of State or as the senator of New York,” he continued. “She’s bought and paid for … I just can’t get behind her. There’s no character there.”

I have yet to meet a Hillary Clinton supporter that can articulate why they are voting for Hillary Clinton from a values-based perspective.  I hear “I’m not voting for a racist” or “Donald Trump is an idiot” or some other statement that confirms the person has been successfully programmed by the media.  But I never hear something like “I’m voting for her because she has promised to do…x, y & z”.

The reason they can’t articulate anything based on values is because nobody knows what her values are.  She has accomplished nothing in her political career other than enriching herself.  There’s no accomplishments you can point to during her time in the Senate or as SecState.  Her views on every major issue simply change with whatever their internal polling and focus group testing is telling her.

The other item that I notice is that Hillary supporters seem to think that if they don’t vote for Hillary, they must vote for Trump.  When you try to convert someone, focus on that logical fallacy along with Clinton’s lack of accomplishments.  If you can get someone to realize that they don’t have a good reason to vote for her and that they don’t have to vote for Trump, you can at least get them to not vote at all.  Not as good as getting them to vote for Trump instead of course, but not all idiots can be turned into an instrument of good.  Sometimes the best you can do is getting an idiot to stay out of the way.