How to convert a Hillary supporter away from the Dark Side – HotGas

I liked this one in particular:

Principle #2 – Meet them where they are.  You do have to appeal to what they value.  Fortunately, the Democrats have made this very easy for us, by nominating a corrupt elitist who is the living embodiment of everything liberals and leftists claim to oppose.  They fancy themselves as opposing income inequality……and yet they nominate the Queen of Wall Street, a multimillionaire whose only “product” she has ever produced is political influence.  She is running as the “women’s rights” candidate, who has run interference for a sex predator for almost her entire adult life.  Even if those highly suspicious groping allegations against Trump are true, any sensible woman would realize that a violent rape is worse than a grope.  She is supposedly representing the party of the pacifists – but she voted for the Iraq invasion and (having learned nothing from it) went on to destabilize Libya and Syria.  Quite frankly, I cannot imagine how anyone left of center would want to vote for her – especially since Jill Stein has her same major selling point (anatomically female) but who has NOT been a living rebuke to everything that the left claims to stand for.