California man finds dozens of ballots stacked outside home – Fox

Jerry Mosna was gardening outside his San Pedro, Calif., home Saturday when he noticed something odd: Two stacks of 2016 ballots on his mailbox.
The 83 ballots, each unused, were addressed to different people, all supposedly living in his elderly neighbor’s two-bedroom apartment.
“I think this is spooky,” Mosna said. “All the different names, none we recognize, all at one address.”
His wife, Madalena Mosna, noted their 89-year-old neighbor lives by herself, and, “Eighty people can’t fit in that apartment.”
This is small-scale stuff but multiplied over hundreds of cities and the small stuff becomes big stuff, especially when it’s one sided.  But the really big stuff is the computerized vote shaving.
Large-scale voter fraud exists in this country on a large scale.  Both parties have engaged in it.  As I’ve said before, Barack Obama lost to Mitt Romney.  George W. Bush lost to John Kerry.
But this time, it will be completely one-sided.  The RNC is not behind Donald Trump, they’re behind Hillary Clinton.  The RNC refuses to allow Donald Trump to use their infrastructure on the ground and that means no voter fraud on his behalf to balance out Democrat fraud.  Regardless, the DNC has always had the edge due to the different mindset of their constituents.  This is why the Democrats fight even the most basic of voter identification laws.  A fight that I might add is disgustingly patronizing and downright racist towards minorities.