Keep your eyes peeled, Scoob.

You too, Shaggy.

Hearing rumblings that Anthony Weiner might not be the only person in D.C. being indicted for pedophilia.

In D.C., it’s accepted reality that Bill Clinton had a predilection for flying down to convicted  pedophile Jeffery Epstein’s underage-whore island.  However, two weeks ago I heard a rumor from a trusted source that Hillary also shares Bill’s interest in under-age sex partners and that the FBI and the New York Police department have evidence to support this.

I need to emphasize that my source specifically stated that this is a rumor.  But he also made it clear that there was probably at least some substance to this.  There are rumblings that a photo exists showing Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin in bed with an underage boy.

Now that rumor is starting to make the rounds on the Web.  I can’t emphasize enough that I have received no confirmation on this but it’s important to note that Hillary and Bill’s sexual exploits are the stuff of legend in D.C. circles.