Election fraud: beware of early network projections next Tuesday  – Jon Rappaport

Bev Harris’ revelations about election fraud are exploding across the Web. At blackboxvoting.org, she has exposed GEMS, a vote-tabulating system used in 25% of the US vote. Intentional back doors are installed in GEMS, allowing manipulation on a massive scale.

But keep in mind that major news networks always make their projections of the winners on election night. This is another vector for gross fraud. The projections are estimates. But once they are announced, the game is over in most cases. In other words, declaring the winner is a media event, owned and operated by the networks. (See also here and here)

How are these projections put together?

Here is a compilation, slightly revised, of the most-read articles I’ve ever written. They were about the California vote on Prop 37, which tried and failed to mandate GMO labeling on food. The articles explain a great deal about early projections:

Read the whole thing.  Be awake and aware on election day and report and document any fraud.  Most importantly, let’s make it so much of a landslide that they can’t steal it.