We all have certain people..

..in our lives that when they speak, we listen.  It’s that person you know that had four tours of Afghanistan and he’s telling you about rifle maintenance.  It’s the person that owns a successful bakery and he’s telling you the best way to prepare tarte Tatin.  It’s that person that built a successful business from the ground up and she’s telling you how to start your own business.  It doesn’t have to be someone you know personally, either.  If Tom Brady starts detailing his practice regimen for improving pass accuracy, you’re going to listen. 

It’s those people in our lives that know their shit about certain subjects.  They’ve walked the walk.  They have nothing to prove to you because you already know they’re an authority on their subject of choice.

Steve Pieczenik is one of those people in my life.  The man has two doctorates, one in psychiatry and one in international relations.  He has served four presidencies with a focus on foreign policy, international crisis management and psychological warfare.  He’s been an advisor to Presidents, deputy Secretary of State, a hostage negotiator for the State Department.  He was instrumental in the success of the Camp David peace accords.  He has successfully treated hundreds of soldiers and spies who struggled to resume normal life after leaving their service.  And for a topper, he’s fluent in five languages and was the ghost writer for several Tom Clancy novels.  In the immortal words of Bob Fossil, Steve Pieczenik is “a real life action man”.

For some time on this blog, I have made it a point to stress two important points in regards to our intelligence agencies:

-Our intelligence agencies have become a 4th, unconstitutional branch of the government that has resulted in disastrous consequences for the American public.

-Do not judge the intelligence agencies as a monolith.   Many of the agents within the FBI, CIA and NSA are patriots of the highest order.  They are not the people in charge, but that is not to say that they do not have influence.

I have also mentioned and at times hinted that these “white hats” within the agencies have assisted Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and Donald Trump.  Today Steve Pieczenik released a stunning video in that same vein.  Watch the whole thing:

UPDATE: Folks, I just watched this video a 2nd time and I am stunned.  Never thought this information would become public.  Despite all the scandals and all the Hillary dirt, this video is the most important thing I’ll post here all week and possibly/probably much longer than that.